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Personal Trainers Size Doesn’t Matter And Here’s Why...

Trainers did you know that size doesn’t matter.

For many years now everyone has people have said. Bigger is better as they tend to think the grass is always greener on the other side.

Little do people know that in most cases this is untrue.

So untrue that you may have fallen for the single biggest myth. About email list size and how it can increase your bottom line profits.

Did you know that most fitness business owners. Like yourself have fallen for this old wives tale and not too long ago I was one of them.

The common myth is the bigger you can grow your email list the more profitable your marketing efforts will be.

This belief stems from the idea that more prospects on your list the more sales you will make.

Which to some extent is kinda true…

But not all prospects are generated equally.

What I mean by this is you’ve got to look at how you generated the leads and the source they came from.

And this is where most trainers become disheartened with their email marketing efforts. As they think they can drive traffic to landing page and capture leads.

You here trainers complaining about lead quality. “I got a ton of leads from Facebook and only a couple of them converted”.

Because the trainer expected to get on a call. With these leads and get them to convert with no nurturing whatsoever.

Trainers tend to look at their list of prospects and just see a load of names. Without taking into consideration these are real people with real emotions and hardwired beliefs.

Who need nurturing before they hand over hard earned cash.

Nurturing is more than building a relationship with a list.

As relationships can turn sour and when you look from the perspective. That if you have a huge list of prospects who are not interested in what you have to offer.

You can drill away till the cows come home as they won’t get there credit card out and buy from you.

That’s why nurturing is the key to converting prospects into sales.

In a minute I am about to tell you why list size and building relationships with prospects. Isn’t how the experts make out when you are looking to make sales for your business.

But before dive in let’s take a step back in time…

Looking at where the common held belief of list size matters come from.

It come direct from the internet marketing community. Those individuals involved in product launch space.

Perhaps the reason it did come from the product launch space. Is because of the territory that goes with doing launch after launch week in week out.

Individuals in the launch space are going to burn through a lot of prospects fast. Which means they need to be generating news prospects to keep replenishing their lists.

And this belief then manifested into other communities such as fitness.

Yes there are people within our community involved in product launches. Although the vast majority of the fitness community is made up of trainers.

And trainers like yourself really don’t need to a huge list to build your business as large as you want it. As you aren’t going to burn through a lot of prospects to make sales.

Unless you are not applying these three focuses.

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#1 – Building The Bank Of Goodwill & Prosperity

To put yourself in a category of just one above the competition. So you no longer need to compete for the attention and focus of the marketplace.

Requires you to deliver massive amounts of goodwill and value to the marketplace.

The more goodwill and value you deliver. Has a direct relationship with how much money the marketplace will give you back in sales.

I like to think of this as your “goodwill bank” and to keep topping up this bank.

You need to think about creating campaigns. Around helping your audience and list get “Results in Advance”.

The Results in Advance strategy is something which I learnt from Frank Kern.

Whereby you take your audience through steps in a campaign. That moves them one step closer to their desired goal.

Before you create your first RIA campaign. You must work through these questions to find out what would your audience (and list) love you for.

  • What results are they trying to get?
  • What obstacles are they facing?
  • What steps would they needs to take to get the desired result?
  • What will make your content different to what is already out in the marketplace?

Once you’ve answered the questions above you can then begin to answer this last part.

What are you going to do get them some results in advance?

If we were creating a small promotional campaign to a new list of prospects. Where at the end of each video or in the last video your call to action is to get on a call with you.

Here’s what that would look like;

Video One: Amazing Discovery

Share how you stumbled across an amazing discovery and that if your audience follows just this one step alone. It will help them remove the barriers they are facing when it comes to getting xyz result.

Video Two: Story of Struggle

A personal favorite of mine is where you share your story of struggle.

How for a long time you struggled to get results even after trying what the experts and magazines told you to do.

When implementing the advice from many experts you often ended up. Getting worse results which led you to think about quitting.

After some serious thought you made the hard decision to keep at it no matter what.

Little did you know that one decision changed everything for you. That after all the solution searching it guided you on the right track. To finding the thing that actually worked for you.

Video Three: Overcome Objections

Come up with a list of half a dozen to a dozen objections. Your audience may have about making a committed investment.

The list of objections should be why your audience hasn’t got the type of results they want and why they would have resistance to buy from you.

Start blowing through them one by one. Smashing down these objections by covering each one.

Video Four: Single Biggest Myth

Demystify the biggest myth your audience has about getting xyz result. A cool strategy here would be to demonise the competition.

By demonising the competition it makes your fellow competitors. Look responsible for your audience not getting results.

Which makes the thing you have to offer them more desirable.

You will then look like the hero who is one of the “good guys”.

Who wants to help people get results which will lead them to opening their wallets. When you get on the phone with them or when they come into the gym for a consult.

By the time a prospect reaches this step they will be wanting to come and bang on the gym door wanting to work with you.

To note this “Results in Advance” campaign can be created using Camtasia to create screencast videos. All you need to do is create the presentations and record them one by one.

This is the perfect solution if you don’t like to be in front of a camera.

Once the videos are created upload them to Wistia or your favourite video hosting platform.

Create the landing pages using something like Optimize Press or Leadpages.

Then write your email copy and setup the automations within the autoresponder service you use.

Next all you need is tag your list of prospects to start this automation or start feeding new traffic through it via your blog posts etc.

#2 – Developing Natural Affinity & Rapport

If you don’t follow the first step. You will find it tough to develop any kind of natural affinity and rapport with new prospects.

So What Is affinity?

Affinity is like an informal version of chemistry. That bonds the connection of one person with an another.

Due to that person developing a natural liking for. And understanding of the other person.

Once you’ve developed affinity with your audience and establishing rapport with them will be easy.

Without developing and establishing those two elements.

Your audience will find it hard to trust and believe you because they don’t know who you are.  What you stand for and the struggles you had to face to get the results you did.

To develop affinity and rapport with your audience so they trust you. Share your story within each step of the small promotional campaign.

And by sharing your story it will position you in a category of just one above the competition.

So share your story often with your audience in every piece of marketing.

As a result your audience will have a better understanding of who you are and what you stand for. And not just that they will associate your business with the stories you have told.

Stories are powerful like this because there memorable when conveyed in the right way.

I could go deeper into why but indoctrination is way too heavy and advanced to teach in this blog post.

#3 – Track Engagement

Trainers get caught up in over analysing their open rates.

Open rate percentage isn’t a great metric to keep tabs on… why?

Getting your emails opened is great. Everyone likes it when there emails get read but getting your list to engage can be an even bigger hurdle.

So you must track the engagements your prospects make with your website. Using something like Visual Website Optimization or Mixpanel. In conjunction with your Google Analytics account.

How I would do this is by UTM parameters to watch the traffic flow of each prospect.

You maybe sitting thinking what are UTM parameters?

Rafflecopter.com say that…

“UTM parameters are tags you add to a URL. When your links are clicked, the tags are then sent back to Google Analytics and tracked”

By using UTM’s you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns to see if they are performing well.

To learn more about UTM’s. Google have a mini guide with a UTM builder.

If you really wanted to be a real marketing geek like me. You could look at the prospects on your list and see which ones are the most responsive to your communications.

Then segment your list of prospects based how responsive they are.

Once you have segmented your list then just email those who are clicking and engaging. This will allow you to communicate with those prospects who actually love your content.

There you have it…the crucial steps you need to take to track how well your marketing is performing. And how to effectively nurture prospects to make sales.

I hope this has helped blast through the myth that list size matters.

But before head off…

You can go it alone and you might get some results if and when you follow the steps above.


Imagine what it would be like owning a personal training company where prospects turn up for consultations pre-sold and ready to join your coaching programs?

I know I might be getting ahead of myself, yet I’ve seen this happen and it excites me.

You maybe content with the sales you are getting for your business right now and happy with the steady income it provides.

There is nothing wrong with that.

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