Andrew Kirby
Andrew Kirby
Founder of Volvere.
About Volvere.
Performance based fitness marketing, intelligently driven to increase conversions

Andrew founded Volvere in early 2015 with the aim of helping fitness professionals who are struggling to effectively market their business. Right from day one we have set out to help trainers using intelligent marketing principles work less hours for more money by attracting their ideal clients so they can build their ideal business.

From observing the marketplace Andrew noticed that there was a very common reason why fitness professionals were struggling to build a business that would give them the time and financial freedom trainers were craving.

That common reason was that trainers were exposed to far too much conflicting expert advice on how market their business that it was causing massive overwhelm which left trainers with no idea where to turn next.

By taking advice on board from all these different experts it was clearly obvious that trainers are dealing with something that I personally call “too many chefs in the kitchen”.

When trainers are listening to all the so called “experts” on how they should be marketing their business... and with having so many voices and so much conflicting advice, trainers are:

1. Exposing themself to more “Bright Shiny Objects”

2. Giving themself “Paralysis by Analysis” because they have so many options to consider nothing gets anything done to shift their business forwards.

This is more common and prevalent than ever which led to the creation of Volvere Marketing…


At Volvere, we believe marketing your fitness business doesn’t need to be a hassle, a hassle full of daily frustrations that has you thinking you will never your breakthrough, a breakthrough that would give you the time and financial freedom you crave.

As a fitness professional you probably didn’t start your fitness business to spend more time working…


You started your fitness business so you could have MORE time to enjoy and your live life… Otherwise what’s the point?

Looking to attract more of your dream clients?
"Amazing video reveals never seen before discovery which shows you how to get more of your dream clients banging on the gym door wanting to work with you"
You will discover...
  • The difference between core and surface level desires (and how to deploy them within your marketing so you can speak to the deepest desire of your auidence)

  • How to quickly identify who your dream clients are (so you can attract more them into your business)

  • How to align yourself with your marketing message (so you can massively influence the marketplace and profit fast)

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